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Negative and Positive

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Most people know that batteries have a negative and positive end. It's important to the operation of the battery that you line up the appropriate end of the battery to the corresponding charge inside whatever device you're trying to power. If you don't put it in incorrectly, the transformation of the chemical energy into electrical energy will never take place. If the transformation doesn't take place, you aren't going to get any power out of your battery. The negative and positive ends are important to pay attention to if you want to get any good out of your battery.

Primary & Secondary Batteries

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There are two general categories for batteries: primary and secondary. Primary batteries transform chemical energy to electrical energy but cannot change it back. This type of battery is used until it runs down and then it doesn't work anymore. In contrast secondary batteries are able to transform electrical energy back into chemical entry, thus reversing the process. This type of battery can be reused multiple types. Recharging a secondary battery is the process of transforming the electrical energy back into chemical energy. Even secondary batteries cannot be recharged forever and will eventually wear out.

Uses of Batteries


We use batteries for a lot of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis. We have batteries in our cars, our computers, our phones, our alarm clocks, fire alarms, and so on. Most portable electronic devices use batteries to provide the necessary power to operate. Without a battery your portable MP3 player is almost useless. Batteries are very helpful and keep our world going. It is smart to take care of your battery in order to prolong its life and get as much use out of it as you can.